Thank You Cards

Hand Drawn By Kids From Guatemala

We believe that children should learn the power of gratitude at a young age. It was a trip to a poor community in Guatemala that lead us to this thinking.

Teens from all around Guatemala have taken the time to show off their art skills and draw what they’re grateful for.  We select beautiful, fun and inspiring work created by these children for your high quality gratitude cards.

We hope that getting a pack of these thank you cards will inspire you to practice the lost art of handwritten thank you notes for people that matter most to you…and it will feel great in the process.

And you’ll be helping some other kids in Guatemala in the process. With every purchase, you’ll help provide a new classroom to a community in Guatemala that needs one. We've partnered with Hug It Forward and donate a portion of each sale to them so they can build new classrooms out of plastic bottles in Guatemala.

Thank you for caring about making the world a better place!