Appreciation Adventures For Businesses

Do you feel like there is a lack of gratitude in your workplace?  Research shows that 79% of employees quit their job because they don't feel appreciated.  Whether you want to bring your company on one of our Appreciation Adventures (which can include hiking, kayaking, whitewater rafting, ziplining, biking, ropes courses, cliff jumping, camping or more!), our scavenger hunts, inspire them with a speaker series or have fun at one of our gratitude parties, we'll give your team a unique experience that will make each person feel appreciated and have a long-lasting impact.  We will work with you to customize an experience that matches your needs, budget and desires, while integrating mindfulness, fun, adventure, gratitude and camaraderie. 


What if your employees felt appreciated, recognized and motivated to contribute to the success of the team?  Appreciating your employees will lead to increased performance and happiness of your team, which leads to people that want to stay with your organization longer which results in an overall cost savings for your organization.


Our team building is done unplugged.  The average American spends over half their waking life staring at a screen which leads to anxiety, stress and depression.  Being unplugged can reduce all of those things as well as help with creativity, problem solving and communication resulting in an overall performance boost for your company.

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