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How To Wow Your Customers, Increase Retention, Boost Referrals and Cultivate Relationships With 2 Little Words...And Help Special Needs Kids Improve The Quality Of Their Lives


Joe Girard knows how to sell cars.

In fact, he is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the “World’s Greatest Salesman.”

Let’s check out some of his impressive statistics from his 14 year car-selling career, at a Chevrolet dealership right outside of Detroit, Michigan:

  • In total, he sold 13,001 cars. That’s more than 6 per day.
  • On his best day, he sold 18 vehicles.
  • His best month was 174 vehicles sold.
  • In his best year, he sold 1,425 cars.
  • By himself, Joe Girard sold more cars than 95% of all dealers in North America.

Every month, year after year, Girard would send a handwritten greeting card to every customer on his list. Inside would be a simple message. He knew they’d need a new car one day, and he wanted to keep himself top of mind.

Girard’s dedication to keeping in touch with his customers instilled in them a psychological obligation to do business with him. His customers would never dream of buying a car from somewhere else.

One of the most successful business women of our time has a similar story.

Mary Kay Ash, the founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics Company, set herself a simple task: she hand wrote three thank you notes at the end of each day.

She attributed part of her success in business to taking the time to let the people around her know they were appreciated.

To date, Mary Kay Cosmetics has grown to a 2 billion dollar industry.


Add A Powerful Human
Touch To Your Business

So what does this mean for you?

Well, you want your clients and customers to be surprised and delighted, right? What better way to do both than to mail a handwritten thank you note expressing your appreciation.

Technology has made the handwritten note a bit of a lost art, allowing it to have an even bigger impact when your client receives it in the mail. You will make double the impact when you send them a thank you card from Say It With Gratitude, delighting a client that receives it, and helping some special needs kids have fun and adventure in their lives to improve the quality of their lives.

Go The Extra Mile For
Those That Give You Business

Clients are human and they deeply care about how they’re treated. Sending handwritten thank you notes can help grow your business through relationships, retention, reactivation and referrals.

Let’s face it, new friends matter when you’re a small business owner. Well written, and timely thank you notes foster relationships, can lead to referrals, will help a client do business with you again and can reactivate a past client.

When someone gets a card in their mailbox (as opposed to bills and junk mail), they smile. Why do you think people have thank you cards hung up around their desks and on their refrigerator? Because the cards make them feel special.

In order to grow your business, you need to cultivate positive relationships. A thank you card does that quickly and easily. According to a study by Emotion, a journal of the American Psychological Association, thanking people makes them more likely to continue a relationship, which leads to more opportunities for you and your business.

Marketing funnels and campaigns can be expensive and take a long time. Showing gratitude is fast and inexpensive. And will help to nurture your precious business relationships.

Order a pack today and we’ll brand the back of the cards with your company logo.


Hand-Drawn By Young Kids

We believe that children should learn the power of gratitude at a young age. It was a trip to a poor community in Guatemala that lead us to this thinking.

The kids there had very little. Ten people living in a cramped one room house. Six grades cramped into one classroom. Dirty water. Very little food. An iPhone? Don’t even think about it.

But what they did have was gratitude. And smiles on their faces. They were very grateful for what little they did have. We want to teach every child to have that same attitude. To be grateful what what they DO have.

Children all around the United States have taken the time to show off their art skills and draw what they’re grateful for focusing on fun, adventure and play – 3 of our biggest values here at Say It With Gratitude.

We select beautiful, fun and inspiring work created by these children for your high quality gratitude cards.

We hope that getting a pack of these thank you cards will inspire you to practice the lost art of handwritten thank you notes for people that matter most to your business…and it will feel great in the process.

And you’ll be helping some special needs kids in the process. With every purchase, you’ll help give an adventure experience to a special needs kid. We want to help special needs kids have fun and adventure in their lives to improve the quality of their lives.

How It Works

Choose a package of thank you cards below.

Shortly after that, we’ll be in contact with you to help you choose your card design and to get your logo from you.

We’ll then send everything to Yellowdog, our local printer here in Denver. They’ll work on getting a digital proof for your review. After that, your thank you cards will be ready to print!