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Life Can Be A Bit Better When You Say It With Gratitude

Say It With Gratitude is on a mission to make everyone feel appreciated through the power of gratitude.

If you're looking for a way to develop a more positive attitude, to be happier, healthier and more at peace in your life, you've found the easiest way to do so: with gratitude. We believe the world would be a better place with more gratitude, and our hope is that together we can spread the power of gratitude everyday.

You might think gratitude is a little woo-woo and a little self-helpy. But what if we told you gratitude was the key to happiness? Well we believe it is. Gratitude is truly good for your mental and physical health, and we invite you to come along for the ride.

Here at Say It With Gratitude, 2 of our core values are fun and adventure. Life is so much better with fun and adventure in it!

So we wanted to find a way to give back to kids, and help them have more fun and adventure in their lives. Several years ago, Scott, the founder of Say It With Gratitude, worked with kids with disabilities. Mostly kids with cerebral palsy.

We have partnered with the National Sports Center For The Disabled, one of the largest therapeutic recreation and adaptive sports agencies in the world, to help provide adventures to kids with disabilities.

A portion of every sale will go towards bringing fun and adventure into the lives of kids with disabilities. They'll be going rock climbing, kayaking, rafting, skiing and more! All because you decided to Say It With Gratitude.