The Grateful Entrepreneur
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The Grateful Entrepreneur

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Cultivate a Stronger, More Profitable Business with a Unique and Intentional Gratitude Practice

Do you know you have a good business model, but can’t figure out why it’s not showing the results you expected?Do you wish you could create tight-knit and long-lasting relationships with the people that matter in your industry—whether that means clients, customers, partners, vendors or anyone else?Well, now you can do just that using a surprisingly simple shift: gratitude.Scott Colby’s influential and actionable book The Grateful Entrepreneur: 40 Gratitude Strategies to Build Relationships, Grow Your Business and Make More Money is exactly what you’ve been looking for.Inside this book, you’ll learn:
  • How the most successful people leverage gratitude for ever-greater success and connection
  • A surprisingly simple way to show customers how much you care
  • A super-smart and counterintuitive way to personalize gifts
  • How to use free goodies to build business
  • How to build relationships that last a lifetime
  • How to get more referrals using a super simple strategy
  • The best way to connect with clients who don’t live in your hometown
  • A straightforward approach to offering sympathy that strengthens bonds and conveys genuine emotion
  • How to use special occasions to shower your customers with
  • Why you should ditch the transaction mindset, and a surprisingly easy approach to replace it
  • How to actually, finally, truly “be yourself” in your business
  • How to use gratitude as the core foundation of your brand
While the last secret is perhaps the most powerful one in this book, each tip packs its own punch. In learning and instituting the above strategies, you’ll build an effective and long-lasting approach to business and life.Ready to win friends and influence people, Take Two? The Grateful Entrepreneur will help you do just that. Colby’s unique voice and modern take on marketing are proof enough of his right to teach such strategies. Combined with his own personal success in a fitness biz that has amassed tens of thousands of followers, his tips gain even more credibility.Get ready to build a career you love, make more money, market yourself more authentically and effectively, lead others to their own success and get the most out of life. It’s time to live your dreams, and this book is the first step!