The Daily Gratitude Minute - Service As A Marketing Tool


Has a business ever treated you so well that you just couldn’t help but rave about it?  Did the results they delivered exceed your expectations so much that you had to share with friends?

Here's a great example from my friend and business coach Pat Rigsby.

As told by Pat..."My best friend Jeff & I took our families on a recent vacation to Hawaii. While we were there, our wives Holly & Lara took part in a couple of yoga classes.

They came back speaking fondly of the classes and raving about the instructor.

A couple of days later Jeff & I were on the beach doing a workout of our own when the yoga instructor stopped to say hello.

But she didn’t just say ‘hi’.

She knew that we only had one day remaining on our stay and talked about how much she enjoyed our wives in class.

She then mentioned that she had a couple of openings in a class later that morning if they wanted to participate.

All in all, it was pretty impressive.

We’d never actually been introduced to the instructor, but she’d seen us after class with Holly & Lara and had paid enough attention to not only speak to us, but remember details about our trip.

Knowing that there are hundreds of new guests at the resort that she interacts with every month made it all the more thoughtful…

So how can you put this into practice?

Notice the details.

Treat people with courtesy, respect and kindness.

Remember people’s birthdays, anniversaries and other moments of importance in their lives.

Learn not only their names, but the names of their family members.

Do a bit of homework and learn about their outside interests.

Ask questions and be genuinely interested in their response.

Then, with each piece of information you discover, add it to their file or notes that allow you to retain and use what you learn to strengthen your relationship with your clients.

So what’s the takeaway?

There are businesses in every category that generate massive ‘word-of-mouth marketing’ by over delivering to the people they currently serve, resulting in substantial business growth.

What can you do that will cause the people you serve to rave about their experience?"

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