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Today, I want to tell you about 2 magical words that you're going to want to start saying everyday.

I learned this in the Life Is Good book.  Life is Good is one of my favorite companies, spreading optimism with their apparel. 

OK Ready for these 2 words?

"Get to"

Pretty simple, huh?

Let me explain...

Most of us use the words, "have to."

I have to go to work.

I have to get groceries.

I have to pay the bills.

Replace "have to" with get to" and see what happens.

I get to go to work.

I get to get groceries.

I get to pay the bills. 

When you use the words, "get to" it reminds you to be grateful for everything.

You get to pick up groceries because you have 2 legs to walk on, and 2 eyes to read the labels on the packages, and live in a country where there is an abundance of available food.

You get to pay the bills because you have a phone to communicate with other people and electricity to light up your home and provide warmth in the winter.

Are you getting the idea?

When you say "get to" instead of "have to," it transforms your mindset from pessimism to optimism.

Try it, and let me know how it goes.

I’m Scott Colby with Say It With Gratitude and this has been your Daily Gratitude Minute.  Cheers. 

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