The Daily Gratitude Minute - How To Use Gratitude To Grow Closer To Your Significant Other

Today is Valentine’s Day!  So today’s topic, appropriately enough, is 4 Ways To Use Gratitude To Grow Closer To Your Significant Other

Do one of these and I can bet you will grow closer to them.

  1. Write a love letter.  In this digital world, writing a love letter is a bit of a lost art.  Much of our communication is done through social media or text. And with lots of emojis.  Write your spouse a meaningful heartfelt love letter and tell them what you really love about them, and how much they mean to you.

  1. Make a gratitude video.  a video is much different than a text.  I mean afterall, when’s the last time you’ve created a video for your spouse?  This is a special type of video. Think of it as a video love letter. Get creative and tell your spouse not only what you like about them, but how they’ve impacted your life.  They will love it.

  1. Write notes.  In his book Napkin Notes, Garth Callaghan, who is battling cancer, commits to writing a handwritten note on a napkin everyday to his daughter Emma, and put it inside her lunchbox until she graduates from high school.  Now your spouse may not carry a lunchbox to work, but try writing them little love notes, and put them on the bathroom mirror, in their purse or briefcase, or even in their suitcase while traveling.  

  1. Know thy love language.  I’m sure you’re familiar with the book The 5 Love Languages which outlines 5 ways to express and experience love between romantic partners.  These are “love languages” and include words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, tangible gifts and physical touch. Each of us has a primary love language; that is, a language that we prefer to receive love.  It’s your job to find out your spouse’s primary love language, and then shower them with love in that language. If your spouse loves to receive gifts, purchase a random gift for them without any prompting or occasion. Perhaps their love language is quality time and they love romantic movies.  Watch The Notebook with them, even if it isn’t your thing.  

Take some time to truly value your relationship and choose to express gratitude for your significant other.  Choosing gratitude in your relationship will turn your heart towards your significant other to bring you closer together.

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