The Daily Gratitude Minute - The World's Greatest Salesman

This is a gratitude tip for businesses -

Joe Girard knows how to sell cars.

In fact, he is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the “World’s Greatest Salesman.”

Let’s check out some of his impressive statistics from his 14 year car-selling career, at a Chevrolet dealership right outside of Detroit, Michigan:

In total, he sold 13,001 cars.  That’s more than 6 per day.

On his best day, he sold 18 vehicles.

His best month was 174 vehicles sold.

In his best year, he sold 1,425 cars.

By himself, Joe Girard sold more cars than 95% of all dealers in North America.

How did he do this?

Every month, year after year, Girard would send a handwritten greeting card to every customer on his list.  Inside would be a simple message. He knew they’d need a new car one day, and he wanted to keep himself top of mind.

Girard’s dedication to keeping in touch with his customers instilled in them a psychological obligation to do business with him.  His customers would never dream of buying a car from somewhere else.

So for the businesses out there who aren’t sending handwritten notes - start doing so today.  Not only is it being a good human, by thanking your customers and clients, it’s also a tool to get more referrals and to retain your customers longer.

I’m Scott Colby with Say It With Gratitude and this has been your Daily Gratitude Minute.  Cheers. 

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