The Daily Gratitude Minute - Small Business Saturday

Situated between the long lines of Black Friday and the minute by minute online deals of Cyber Monday, is a relatively new holiday which glorifies the value of American small businesses: Small Business Saturday.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which have now become household names that are even recognized as holidays in some states, always have hysterical shoppers in a frenzy looking for colossal bargains. However, many people don’t know that in between these two days of discount insanity exists another very important shopping day – Small Business Saturday.

This national holiday, which was first celebrated in 2010, calls to attention the importance of shopping at the small businesses that serve as the backbone of the American economy and our local communities. Each year, Small Business Saturday draws crowds to main streets across the country with great deals on unique products and services, events that encourage shopping locally, and unique experiences that introduce you to commonly valued neighbors.  Small businesses are integral to a healthy and thriving economy. Everyone should make an effort to support small businesses in their local communities.

As we all know, small businesses bring communities together, help keep local money local, provide more jobs and pay higher salaries than larger retailers, and can even increase the value of nearby homes. By shopping a small business, you are helping to build a thriving community in your own area.

So today on Small Business Saturday, find a local business to show your gratitude for and shop local.

I’m Scott Colby with Say It With Gratitude and this has been your Daily Gratitude Minute.  Cheers. 

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