The Daily Gratitude Minute - Flip The Gratitude Switch

One of the ways you can live in gratitude is to flip the gratitude switch….This is actually the name of a book by Kevin Clayson. In his book, Kevin talks about finding the awesome in things.  For example, suppose you’re stuck in traffic and are going to be late for work. Our first reaction is to be stressed, angry, worried..and this can set the tone for the day. But if we can allow ourselves to pause and flip the gratitude switch, we can turn our mood around.  You might be wondering, what’s awesome about being stuck in traffic? There’s nothing good about it. But think deeper.

  • You have a car
  • You have a job to go to
  • You might have beautifl scenery to look at
  • You can listen to a personal development podcast
  • Have a conversation.

So the next time you have a negative mindset about something, flip the gratitude switch and find the awesome in the situation.

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