The Daily Gratitude Minute - Say Happy Birthday

Say Happy Birthday!  Send out birthday cards to every team member and customer on their birthday! If you’re connected to your customers on Facebook, the platform lets you know when it’s their birthday. It’s a cinch to post “Happy Birthday” on their timeline. But hundreds of other people are doing the same thing. Too bad your message won’t stand out.


Recently, I read about a CEO named Sheldon Yellen who handwrites 8,000 birthday cards a year for all his employees—with personalized comments relevant to each person! In addition, when he hears about random acts of kindness in the workplace, he sends a thank you note to the individual letting them know their efforts didn’t go unnoticed.

I’m Scott Colby with Say It With Gratitude and this has been your Daily Gratitude Minute.  Cheers. 

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