The Daily Gratitude Minute - Send Flowers To Surprise Your Customers

Send flowers or balloons to your best customers at their workplace—just because. You don’t need a specific reason. It will brighten their day, and all of their coworkers will want to know where they came from. Make it a true celebration.

Capital One customer and Pittsburgh resident Christina Grady, who was going through a difficult time after a breakup, phoned Capital One’s call center last year after her credit card was shut down due to suspicious activity. Tonya, the customer service agent, did more than just reactivate the card. She gave Grady miles to use on a vacation and sent flowers. Grady posted her story on Facebook, and it went viral on social media. Tonya and Grady met for the first time as guests on Ellen DeGeneres’ show.

I’m Scott Colby with Say It With Gratitude and this has been your Daily Gratitude Minute.  Cheers. 

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